Lombrello is Made in Italy

Behind the scenes of Lombrello there is a network of precious craftsmen capable of making our project a reality. All production is in Italy, in particular between Lombardy and Veneto. This makes us proud also because it allows us to reduce, in our small way, the displacements of our components.

Gianluca craftsman of curved wood

Gianluca, craftsman of curved wood

Gianluca together with his father Franco , both masters of curved wood, mold birch wood to become the back and seat of our chairs. In a laboratory in the province of Verona suspended between tradition and innovation, he gives the plywood the right curvature, he obtains our shapes through the pantograph, he finishes them by hand so that every detail is clean. And then move on to the upholstery, with Abet laminate or Alpi wood, or prepare the pieces to be padded. But here's another story.

 Franco craftsman of upholstery

Franco, craftsman of upholstery

The history of < strong> Franco who, a few hundred meters from Gianluca's workshop, upholsters and covers the wooden components of the velvet or fabric versions. It ensures that the padding precisely follows the curvature of the pieces, that the upholstery adheres to it perfectly and that every single seam or rat tail is made with care.