Why buy a Lombrello chair?

Testo di Andrea Forapani

Lombrello is an Italian brand that produces 100% of its products in the Po Valley. Our chairs are resistant, comfortable and above all totally customizable.

All our chairs and our suppliers are in Italy: Italy is the home of artisans and designers.

Every day we work to improve the processes, processes and to limit waste and it is for this reason that we can offer you a top-level artisan chair at such a special price.

Andrea is constantly researching to offer you the most beautiful and performing materials that fit our product.

The main feature of what we do is customization: we believe that each of our customers deserves a unique piece.

< p> We have invested the last 12 months to develop a configurator that allows you to imagine the chair as you want and to be able to buy it independently, directly from your mobile phone.