Ok, but how do I customize the Lombrello chairs?

Testo di Tiziana D'Amico

Anonymous things do not excite us, objects all the same and houses without personality have never been our daily bread. This is why we are in love with the idea that everyone can choose their own chair as they want it, as they need it or as they have always dreamed of. But what exactly does it mean? How can you customize a Lombrello chair?

Metal structure

Let's start from the base: all Lombrello chairs have a thin but sturdy structure in iron , designed to have the essential number of welds (therefore of pieces) and three finishing possibilities: painted, chromed or tropicalized .


The seat and back components, on the other hand, are curved in birch wood. The choice for their upholstery is wide: laminate, wood, velvet and different types of fabric. But let's proceed in order.


The plastic laminate is a material obtained from sheets of Kraft paper, in a percentage of 70%, layered between two decorative sheets and reinforced with different types of resin. Lombrello uses the famous and historical Abet laminates . It is a material that is very resistant to time and wear, flame retardant and extremely easy to clean and maintain: a material destined to last.

< p class = "p1"> Abet Laminati's commitment to responsible production is added to these technical merits, using only materials from sustainably managed forests, while ensuring good air quality in the interior spaces (Indoor Advantage ™ Gold certification).

Starting from the boundless Abet palette, for each season we select 12 colors - our basics -, which become the Lombrello proposal for you.


SS2021 basic laminates

Wooden cladding

The decorative wooden surfaces are a composite material obtained by peeling the wood, dyeing and reassembling the sheets to create patterns and textures. This production is made by the Italian Alpi Wood , which was also the first company to industrialize this process. We have selected and put in the catalog 8 proposals for wooden cladding, some designed by giants of the past such as Ettore Sottsass, others designed by names of the present.

< p class = "p1"> We also like the surfaces of the Alps because their production is based on sustainable forest management and their woods are Zero F, ie free of added formaldehyde, synonymous with healthy and eco-responsible surfaces. < / p>

 alpi wood

Alpi Wood selection SS2021


l velvet and fabrics, some adat also to be taken outside, with which it is possible to customize the Lombrello chairs are produced by a historic and prestigious company of the Venetian, Rubelli .

An aspect that is important to us is that 80% of Rubelli's production is zero kilometer, a factor which translates into less handling of parts and energy savings which is good for the environment. In addition, many of the company's fabrics have received certifications such as GreenGuard Gold which certifies - on the basis of strict criteria worldwide - low emissions of chemicals harmful to the environment. In addition, the use of Oeko-Tex yarns also guarantees the absence of substances dangerous to the user's health.


34 shades of a soft chenille made from recycled material. Perfect for indoor use, it resists fire and frequent use.


 nap symbols


For Fabthirty there are 30 color variations, but many more shades. It is a wonderful jacquard where 5 yarns of different colors intertwine to create a surface that is pleasant to the touch and sophisticated and often surprising color combinations.


fabthirty symbols


One of those fabrics that can be fully appreciated by touching it, looking at it closely, observing it from different angles. Spritz is a very particular iridescent velvet available in 26 chromatic variations, obtained thanks to a printing process that overlaps several color tones.


 spritz-symbols < / p>


Trevira with a 60s breath, the geometric pattern takes inspiration from some collections of jewelry and accessories by Paco Rabanne for a timeless elegance.


 archimedes symbols


Jacquard by Rubelli that synthesizes in a simple and elegant geometry the richness of the marble floors that characterize the churches and medieval Italian basilicas.


 archimedes symbols


Fabric in ten chromatic variations that plays on the intertwining of multicolor yarns, also obtaining an interesting surface tact.


 archimedes symbols

Cotton velvet

A soft cotton velvet produced in Italy in 76 brilliant colors, among which Lombrello has selected 9 basic proposals.

 cotton velvet

Basic cotton velvet SS2021