New site, new catalog

Testo di Tiziana D'Amico

We have created a new catalog where we talk about some issues that are close to our hearts and we collect all our seating models, telling them and showing them as in a real family album.

This catalog was created to represent the spirit of Lombrello as faithfully as possible. The idea of ​​having more chromatic and tactile variations of the cover as well as that of inserting real photographs of the products inside - like small snapshots - was born from the desire to translate the variety that characterizes Lombrello, that possibility of personalization and that desire to stand out . We would like everyone to be able to choose the catalog they prefer and that the selection of photos inside can always be different, from person to person.

 Lombrello Catalog

In the introductory pages we talk about us, what we do and the people we do it with . We tell you about the production of our chairs, why they were born and how we try to keep their impact on the environment under control.

The final part of the catalog, on the other hand, reserves a small surprise for all designers, architects or simply the curious. We won't reveal more!

For everything else ... come and visit us!

 Lombrello Catalog

Lombrello family