Massimiliano Adami, the art of design

Testo di Tiziana D'Amico

A design made of experimentation, research on materials, reflections on the world that of Massimiliano Adami. Projects in the balance between art and design.

Massimiliano Adami is a designer between design and art. Designer because he knows and experiments with materials and production methods, artist because he reinterprets them in a surprising and unexpected way through self-productions and limited series. His works always start from a profound reflection that becomes the pivot of the design exercise and also part of their use by the user. Projects that become the expression of a personal point of view regarding certain issues or an opportunity to investigate experimental possibilities and the implications of our actions.

Foam Decor

 Gommapiuma di Massimiliano Adami

The Gommapiuma Decor series is made up of unique pieces that give new life , with an attitude of laboratory experimentation, to waste from the industrial production of upholstery . Excess foam - combined with fresh and sectioned polyurethane to create unexpected graphic colors and asymmetrical sharp cuts - becomes the undisputed protagonist: there is no need for coating. A normally hidden material manifests itself fully and in a new guise in an object that, in addition to making us sit, also has the function of making us reflect.

Sincere decorations

 The Sincere Decorations highlighted by Massimiliano Adami

A system for decorating furniture in a "sincere" way, that is to say necessary. The decoration does not add more or less arbitrary signs, but highlights - in fact it makes tangible - the manual work of the craftsman who becomes, unexpectedly and unconsciously, also an artist. How? Through gloves soaked in color that leave, in an unscheduled but inevitable way, traces of mastery. Conceptually, thanks to this system, the movements of the production can be imprinted on the surface of any object, telling a story that begins well before use.

< p class = "p2"> Modern Fossils

 The reflection of Massimiliano Adami's Modern Fossils

System to create furniture through recycled objects , usually in plastic, solidified together with polyurethane foam and sectioned together so as to become hollow, creating a real cross-section of products that continue to exist even when they stop serving us. Randomness becomes the real rule in a series of unique objects that make us reflect on the theme of reuse and above all on our legacy left to posterity . Could these uncomfortable presences be the fossils of the future?