Our Rock Artisan

Testo di Andrea Forapani

I met Michela on a February afternoon. We were all seated at a table, while Michela stood sideways, wrapped up in a work coat with a hood. He looked at me with deep eyes, without saying a word.

Silvano started producing furniture 60 years ago. He was a prototype maker for Knoll, and many other large companies in the furniture world. He is a man of few words, who hides himself busy behind piles of chairs arranged in a semicircle.

His eyes sparkle with joy. Every day, with a brass and silver rod, and a blowtorch in his hands, he welds objects that are sold all over the world. He has learned and improved a special technique which is called brazing. His company welds over 60,000 chairs a year and every time Silvano repeats the gesture he perfects it, he has a technique that no machine can replicate.

" Craft is not a dark room with dim lights and the wax on the floor, is a rock concert of smiles, colors and extraordinary men. "

After 40 years of activity he met Michela, a seamstress who looked at him in amazement, finish each object carefully. It took a few months for her to decide to teach the seamstress the secrets of her work. I have never seen such an understanding with a soldering iron in my hands.

Michela wears teardrop Raybans to protect her clear eyes from the light, holds the blowtorch as if she were dancing, and moves between one point and another, like in a movie set.

" How did you go from tailoring to metal? I was very curious, I must say. Then they are two very similar professions, when you make a mistake you always notice it because of the pain in your hands. "