Meet the Lombrello family!

Testo di Andrea Forapani

As happens in every family, even in that Lombrello everyone is unique! There is the highest one and the lowest one, one for the kitchen and one for the living room, but each one is special because it can remain as it is becoming exactly as you are dreaming of it!

La Chair (from 220 €)

Lombrello chair velvet

Starting from April of 2018 - when it was presented for the first time in via Solferino, during the Milan Design Week - it was immediately clear, talking to people, that the The Umbrella Chair knows how to be one of those objects that sound familiar. Perhaps it makes us smile because it reinterprets in a modern way the simplicity of the sessions on which we all sat at school and the lightheartedness of when we did. Or maybe we immediately feel it more ours by imagining being able to customize it just as we like , choosing exactly that point of purple we have always sought and, why not, combining it with that shade of red that everyone turns up their noses for , but that literally drives us crazy!

Metal structure with four legs flared downwards and backrest and seat in curved birch wood, the Chair is the standard table or desk chair you choose to represent yourself. Accomplice of a courageous environment or a bold touch in a neutral space, it knows how to blend in and smile wherever it is!

The Lounge (from 250 €)

 Velvet lounge umbrella

Low seat, the Lounge is a armchair created for relaxation around a coffee table or instead of the classic armchair in less traditional environments or in small corners of the home. The metal structure changes, but the backrest and seat remain the same as those of the Chair in the attempt of a more conscious production and a reduction of factory excesses. And together with the curved wooden elements, the possibility of customizing each of those elements that will make up not just any small armchair, but your small armchair, remains unchanged.

La Mackintosh (from 490 €)

 Mackintosh umbrella upholstered in green velvet

Low seat but very high back for the Mackintosh, an armchair born as a tribute to Hill House Chair by master Charles Rennie Mackintosh. It is to all intents and purposes a Lounge that "believed in it more", expanded in its structure and increased not by one but by two backrests. The occasions of use remain the same: situations of relaxation, sipping a tea or reading a book, with the difference that the three overlapping backrests support the entire back to the head. Super enveloping!

Lo Stool (from € 285)

 Lombrello stool in laminate

The latest addition to the family, the Stool , a stool that speaks the same formal language as the older sisters but adapts it to different situations. It is distinguished in two versions: the Stool for bars , suitable for high support surfaces such as those of the counters of the premises, or the Stool with a lower seat that works for the peninsula of cuisine . But can the stool also be customized? The answer is simple: if it's Lombrello, you can customize everything!

The special editions

Personalization, experimentation and contamination come together in a series of special editions that Lombrello creates independently or in collaboration with artists and artisans. We like to continuously investigate the potential of Lombrello chairs, imagine them in every context, always the same but at the same time always new and unique, capable of reinventing themselves in every situation.

Lombrello special editions

The Lombrello family