#ChairforVenezia: the ranking!

Testo di Andrea Forapani

The ranking of the most #chairforvenezia chairs of 2021 is finally ready, chosen by a jury of experts, unquestionably composed only by Andrea!

We asked you to configure a chair that reminded you of the city of Venice and you have indulged yourself.

We are delighted that you are starting to feel comfortable with the configurator and we hope to show you some important news already for Salone 2022.

Here are the moral winners!

Hello everyone!

we have completed the ranking of the #chairforvenezia online event. This is the ranking:

1. Rosa Grasso (@rugrasso); *
2. Chiara Bianchi (@ chiara.bianchii) **
3. Alice Serafini (@aaliceserafini) ***

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated. I am happy that you have fun shooting with the configurator. :)

You can see all the participants in the Highlights on instagram - & gt; @lombrello

Good summer,