Welcome to our new website!

Testo di Andrea Forapani

We have been repeating the fateful "Soon we will launch the new site!" and we are sure that for the same time we will be on our hands to implement it, modify it and adapt it to all the news that will come. But in the meantime we are very very excited to finally welcome you to the new sparkling Lombrello website!

We imagine this website not only as a showcase of what we do, but a bit like our virtual space, a continuous work in progress that is defined on the basis of the things that gradually happen around us, that we are passionate about and they overwhelm us.

Very soon we will implement it more and more with all the information and curiosities that may interest you about our work, our products and our projects. For the moment, however, we introduce you to two ready-made sections that are very close to our hearts:


A collection of stimuli, conversations, reflections that we share with you on issues that interest us or that concern us more closely. Pieces that, more or less directly, make you understand how we think. A storm of things, in fact, read in the shelter under "Lombrello". (How much do we like puns ?!)

The Configurator

A company that is finally paying off ! Starting from today on our site you will have the possibility to configure all our seating models in full autonomy with the materials you like best. Because? To make them as yours as possible, of course. That of the configurator was a need born from the desire to let everyone, even those who cannot come and visit us in the office, try the experience of composing, detail after detail, the seat of dreams. It is also, let's face it, a means to get confused a little with all the infinity of possible material and chromatic combinations that you have available. A simple tool that for us represents a complex synthesis of the idea of ​​freedom of choice that underlies Lombrello. All you have to do is have fun using it and let us know your feedback, golden compliments but also as severe as honest criticisms!

We just have to say:

"See you soon with other news! ",