We have calculated the carbon footprint of our Chair!

Testo di Tiziana D'Amico

What is sustainability? It is not our job to theoretically talk about sustainability, but we can commit ourselves to giving, in our small way, a practical example.

The entire production of Lombrello chairs, in addition to being Made in Italy, is concentrated in a small area between Lombardy and Veneto. This allows us to minimize the handling of components and to keep the footprint that our products have on the environment under control, reducing the gray energy they carry with them. For greater transparency and as an incentive to do better and better, we used the 2030 Calculator developed by Doconomy to calculate the Carbon Footprint of our Chair!

The Carbon Footprint (or carbon footprint) represents the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions generated over the life cycle of a product. Expressed in the CO2e unit of measurement, it considers the overall emissions of all stages of production of an asset: from the procurement and treatment of its constituent raw materials, to their processing, up to their assembly and packaging. In our opinion, the 2030 Calculator proves to be a valuable awareness tool for both producers and consumers. By indicating the required data on weight, materials, type of energy and transport, the calculator returns a numerical indication of the emissions of the product. It is a cradle-to-gate calculation, ie from the "cradle" to the moment when the object is ready to leave the factory and reach the customer. The commitment is to keep these data more and more in mind and to make increasingly conscious choices in our small way.

Carbon Footprint

Let's think, moreover, that the sustainability of an object such as a chair also translates into the use of quality materials, intended to last over time . Lombrellos are not born as “disposable” sessions, made to have an expiration date, but are designed on the contrary to accompany you for a long time. This is also why we want you to choose them just the way you like them!